The Vault: Exclusive Access

The Vault: Exclusive Access

The Vault: Exclusive Access
  • Semillas de Paz / Seeds of Peace

    Nick Molle Productions were hired to film this documentary that tells the story of a school that emerged as beacon of peace, justice and community building in the context of systemic violence and oppression. Based in Guatemala City, SEMILLA now serves 700 adult church and community leaders and 2...

  • One Sun

    A group of optometrists and volunteers armed with donated eyeglasses travel to Costa Rica to help those in the poorest communities see for the first time under one sun. The same sun that shines on us. Shines on the people of Costa Rica.

  • Mal Walker - World War II

    Mal Walker was among the first servicemen to land on Omaha Beach on D-Day. These are his first-hand accounts from his time as captain in the US Army during World War II.

  • NPS Behind the Scenes: Air Quality

    Biologist Karl Cordova talks about how the Park Service manages air quality in Rocky Mountain National Park.

  • Sister City Monteverde

    In 2004 Estes Park and Monteverde were established as Sister Cities. Located in northwestern Costa Rica, the Monteverde district consists of several small, adjacent communities, the largest of which is Santa Elena. They are collectively known as Monteverde. The population is about 5,000.

  • Tower of Love

    The story of the Historic Park Theatre and the fight to save it. In this documentary we're going to take you on a journey, both past and present, through the history of this beautiful movie theatre. Built in 1913, the Historic Park Theatre is oldest operating movie theatre west of the Mississippi...

  • Biodiversity & RMNP with Edward O. Wilson

    Ben Bobowski, PHD, National Park Service, interviews World-Renowned Scientist, Edward O. Wilson about himself, biodiversity and the future of all living organisms.