Wildlife & Environment

Wildlife & Environment

Wildlife & Environment
  • Capturing Owls with Scott Rashid

    If there is one individual in Estes Park whose passion goes to the outer limits of his work, it is Scott Rashid. Scott has spent his entire life studying and saving wild birds. Owls in particular, are the beneficiaries of his tireless and yes relentless dedication.
    Project OwlNet which involves S...

  • Wildlife in Rocky - May 2024

    Relax and take a moment to watch some of the beautiful wildlife we filmed in Rocky Mountain National Park during the month of May, 2024. Included in this video are bighorn sheep, moose, elk and turkeys.

  • West Side Morning

    Take a moment to experience a peaceful June morning at the West Side of Rocky Mountain National Park. The Colorado River is overflowing from the annual spring runoff while the bull moose begin to grow their antlers and coyotes hunt for food.

  • Elk Calves

    Take a moment to enjoy this video of two newborn elk calves in Rocky Mountain National Park.

  • Bald Eagles

    Take a moment to watch this footage of these majestic bald eagles that have taken up residence in Estes Park. These amazing raptors have made a remarkable comeback after the prohibition of DDT pesticides which inhibited their ability to produce healthy eggs.

  • Elk Sparring in the Snow

    Two young bull elk spar in the snow while an older bull watches.
    Even as late as February some bull elk can be seen sparring or playing around to help them practice and grow for the next rutting season.

  • Elk Rut - It's tough to be a bull

    A bull elk has trouble keeping his harem close by while another bull distracts him.

  • We found a Black Bear in Rocky

    Stop what you're doing and watch this black bear eating berries and getting ready for hibernation in Rocky Mountain National Park. During the fall bears need 20,000 calories a day to gain enough fat to survive the winter without eating or drinking.

  • The Elk Rut has begun!

    We were able to capture this footage of one of the very first elk rut activity of the season in Moraine Park on August 27th, 2023. During the rut, the bull elk gather cows and calves into groups called harems. Bull elk also bugle to attract cows and use it as a deterrent for other male elk compet...

  • Restoring a Fragile Ecosystem

    A dedicated team of employees from the Vegetation Crew in Rocky Mountain National Park are tasked with restoring a social trail on the fragile alpine tundra. Along the way, Lead Biological Technician Michelle Gibbons, shares her passion and knowledge of the many fascinating tundra plants and gra...

  • Wild Notes - Elk Safety

    We made this important video in order to remind everyone to be safe and respect these majestic animals.

  • Living With Fire

    Learn about how we can all live with wildfire and how to do your part to help reduce the risk of a catastrophic wildfire in the Estes Valley.

    Estes Valley is home to several thousand full- and part-time residents, and a vacation destination for over five million visitors a year. With its pris...

  • Climate Change in Rocky

    Scott Denning is a climate scientist and professor of atmospheric science. In this clip from our film, 'Nature of the Beasts', Nick talks with Scott about the impact of climate change in Rocky Mountain National Park.
    Animation by - Timothy Buck

  • Rocky Mountain Elk

    Enjoy over thirty minutes of clips and educational shorts featuring this majestic animal. Elk are among the largest and most abundant wild animals in Estes Park & Rocky Mountain National Park. Every year Estes & Rocky are treated to one of the great events in nature, the elk rut!

  • Elk Rut in Estes Park

    Take a moment to enjoy this elk rut footage from around Estes Park.

  • Elk Rut - September 9, 2023

    We're back with more elk rut action in Rocky Mountain National Park! There's lots of bugling in this video as our resident bull elk has to fend off competing bulls trying to court his harem.

  • Estes Park Elk Jam

    Elk rut blocking traffic in Estes Park during early morning on September 5, 2022

  • Moose and Calf at Sprague Lake

    Relax and enjoy this video of a moose and calf at Sprague Lake one evening.

  • Wild Notes - The Moose of the Kawuneeche

    Nick Molle presents the moose of the Kawuneeche Valley in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado.

  • NPS Behind the Scenes: Bears

    In this episode of "Behind the Scenes," Cheri Yost from Rocky Mountain National Park provides educational information about bears and tips on how to recreate responsibly in Rocky for the safety of bears and people.

  • NPS Behind the Scenes: The Mountain Pine Beetle

    In this episode of Behind the Scenes at Rocky Mountain National Park, Michael Edwards talks about the Mountain Pine Beetle problem.

    (From the National Park Service) Bark beetles are native insects that have shaped the forests of North America for thousands of years. Bark beetles range from Ca...

  • NPS Behind the Scenes: Elk & Vegetation

    This video was part of a series titled "The Science Behinds The Scenes" and focused on Rocky's approach to managing elk and vegetation. Hosted By Judy Visty

  • Beavers

    In this video, Nick explains the essential function Beavers play in the riparian life zones of Rocky Mountain National Park and the effect that fur traders had on the Beaver populations and in turn Eastern cities.

  • Snakes in Rocky

    This short video explores the wetlands of Rocky and some of the interesting creatures that live there including garter snakes.