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  • Wild Ride: The Peak to Peak Highway

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    Nick Mollé’s latest documentary, “Wild Ride” showcases the people of the Peak to Peak Highway, otherwise known as Colorado Highway 7. This eclectic mix of businesses, individuals and artists are pulled together into a story about this scenic stretch of highway.

  • Timed Entry Permit System

    To protect and preserve the natural beauty of this
    pristine environment, Rocky Mountain National Park has initiated systems
    to optimize our experience. We simply need to plan ahead.

    Rocky has now implemented a timed entry permit
    system requiring reservations to access the Park
    during its b...

  • 2024 Duck Race

    Watch the 2024 Estes Park Rotary Duck Race Festival which took place on May 4th.

    The starting line is the Fall River outside Nicky’s Resort & the Wapiti Colorado Pub and happens at 1:00 PM sharp! You won’t want to miss it – watching 10,000+ ducks start the race is a sight to behold!

    The ducks w...

  • Hiking Trail Ridge Road

    We hike the highest continuous paved road in North America before it opens to vehicles, and also get a chance to witness the plowing of Trail Ridge Road.

  • Elk Sparring in the Snow

    Two young bull elk spar in the snow while an older bull watches.
    Even as late as February some bull elk can be seen sparring or playing around to help them practice and grow for the next rutting season.

  • Bald Eagles

    Take a moment to watch this footage of these majestic bald eagles that have taken up residence in Estes Park. These amazing raptors have made a remarkable comeback after the prohibition of DDT pesticides which inhibited their ability to produce healthy eggs.

  • The Special Consensus - Carolina In the Pines

    The Special Consensus perform Carolina In the Pines at the 2023 SnowyGrass Music Festival in Estes Park.

    The Special Consensus is a bluegrass band that has achieved a contemporary sound in over four decades of performing, making their music a modern classic. Band leader and founder Greg Cahill ...

  • 2023 Rocky Mountain Craft Spirits Festival

    Celebrate our homegrown distilleries in this highlight video from the 2023 Rocky Mountain Craft Spirits Festival

    Held in the Estes Park Event Center every October, this festival showcases the finest spirits the Colorado Rockies has to offer. The event also features live music, bar games, talks f...

  • The Special Consensus - Life Stories

    The Special Consensus Perform Life Stories at the 2023 SnowyGrass Music Festival in Estes Park.

    The Special Consensus is a bluegrass band that has achieved a contemporary sound in over four decades of performing, making their music a modern classic. Band leader and founder Greg Cahill is a recip...

  • This man lives in a huge library

    Early pioneer settlers Joel and Patsy Estes came to Estes Park to fulfill a dream. How fitting that their great, great, great grandson, Pete Estes built his dream home library here in Estes Park!

  • Loch Vale Winter Wonderland

    Take a moment to enjoy the spectacular winter scenery of The Loch in Rocky Mountain National Park.

  • Medicine Bow - Gap Lakes Trail

    Filmmaker, Sean Doherty, and his wife, Michelle, return to Medicine Bow National Forest, Wyoming to hike the Gap Lakes Trail, and during the hike they learn some surprising differences between the Pika here and in Rocky Mountain National Park.

  • Estes Park White Christmas

    Take a moment to enjoy this video of our beautiful White Christmas Eve here in Estes Park!

    We want to wish all of you a Very Merry Christmas from Nick Mollé and the Rocky Mountain Channel!

  • Ute Trail

    A 6.5 mile hike from the Ute Crossing Trailhead to Beaver Meadows Trailhead
    Difficulty: Strenuous

    Nick Mollé hikes the ancient Ute Trail, and is left with a different perspective on this strenuous descent through the alpine tundra, forest and meadow landscapes.

  • 2023 Catch the Glow Parade!

    Kick off your holiday season with Claire Mollé, Lauren Mollé and Scotty Mcdonald as they host the 2023 Estes Park Catch the Glow Parade. The artic temperatures didn't stop anyone from enjoying this whimsical holiday parade through downtown Estes Park!

  • 2023 Tree Lighting Ceremony

    Estes Park kicked off the holiday season in Estes Park on November 18, 2023 with their Annual Lighting Ceremony in their new location in Bond Park. Check out our highlight video of the event!

  • Upstream Songwriting Retreat

    In January of 2023, songwriters of all levels and backgrounds came together to create Time, Space, Intention, and Community for the UpStream Songwriting Retreat in Estes Park, Colorado.

    This is a behind the scenes look at the music, the stories and the special bonds that were made at this magica...

  • 2023 Halloween Show

    Join hosts Lauren and Claire Mollé for another spooktakular TV special as they interview adorable trick-or-treaters outside our studio!

    Every year on Halloween night downtown Estes Park is closed so that kids, adults and pets can safely gather to trick or treat at the shops.

  • Now You Know - Birch Ruins

    Nick tells the story about the ruins perched atop the Knoll overlooking the town.

  • Wild Notes - Moose Twins

    Filmmaker, Sean Doherty, shares this remarkable story of two adorable moose twins and their close call with death.

  • Elk Rut in Estes Park

    Take a moment to enjoy this elk rut footage from around Estes Park.

  • Base Camp - Lightning Safety

    Colleen gives you some tips to help you avoid being a victim of a lightning strike.

  • We found a Black Bear in Rocky

    Stop what you're doing and watch this black bear eating berries and getting ready for hibernation in Rocky Mountain National Park. During the fall bears need 20,000 calories a day to gain enough fat to survive the winter without eating or drinking.

  • Now You Know - Velvet Antlers

    What's with that velvet on the bull elk's antlers? Nick Mollé is here to answer that question and more in this episode of Now You Know.