Rocky Mountain Channel Podcast

Rocky Mountain Channel Podcast

Featuring stories, information and highlights from Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park. Host, Brett Wilson, interviews locals, authors, naturalists, historians and other experts on the wildlife and wonders of this beautiful region of the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

Rocky Mountain Channel Podcast
  • Video Podcast - Scott Rashid

    Since 1998, Scott Rashid has spent countless hours researching and
    rehabilitating birds of prey. He has worked with a variety of bird species
    from hummingbirds, sparrows, and finches to eagles, hawks, and
    especially owls. He specializes in an area in the north side of Rocky
    Mountain National Park...

  • Video Podcast - Erik Stensland

    Brett Wilson has a fascinating conversation with nature photographer and author, Erik Stensland, about his journey from Europe's Balkan Peninsula to the beauty and solitude of Rocky Mountain National Park.

    His books and stunning mountain and desert images are breath-taking,
    reaching deep int...

  • Video Podcast - Brad Fitch

    We have a very special guest with us today who is definitely no stranger
    to Estes Park. In fact, perhaps for many folks who visit, he is Estes Park!
    Raised right here in Estes, this singer, songwriter and guitarist has been
    playing professionally since he was 15 years old. He specializes in

  • Video Podcast - Linda Ballou

    Brett talks with Linda Ballou, author of the novel EMBRACE OF THE WILD which was inspired by Equestrian Explorer Isabella Bird.

    Our guest today has been Blessed with a double dose of genetic wanderlust, and loves to explore. At thirteen her pioneering parents took her to Alaska where she becam...

  • Video Podcast - Kyle Patterson

    Rocky Mountain National Park Public Affairs Officer, Kyle Patterson, talks with Brett about this year's timed entry system and how it can mitigate impact on the environment.

  • Video Podcast - Pioneering Women in Estes Park's History

    Mikaela Fundaun, Curator of Interpretation at the Estes Park Museum, shares stories about some of the remarkable women in Estes Park's history. Three of the women featured in this episode include Eleanor Hondius about her role in the founding of the Estes Park Women's Club, Josephine Hupp who ow...

  • Video Podcast - Tommy Caldwell

    We’re very excited and honored to interview Estes Park local, world-class climber, family man and climate advocate, Tommy Caldwell.

    He’s a professional rock climber who made the first ascents of some of the hardest sports routes in the country, including Kryptonite with a grade of 5.14c/d and ...

  • Video Podcast - Inside The Two Largest Wildfires in Colorado History

    How do you manage a wildfire that’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before? In 2020 when the two largest wildfires in Colorado history surrounded the town of Estes Park, Rocky Mountain National Park’s Fire Management Officer, Mike Lewelling, relied on twenty years of planning and fire treatments i...

  • 360 Miles of Adventure! ~ Hiking Rocky Mountain National Park

    There are over 360 miles of hiking trails in RMNP, not to mention many more in the surrounding areas of Estes Park and the Roosevelt and Arapaho National forests. That’s more than one mile for every day of the year. Whether you’re an avid hiker or a family with young children and elders to cons...

  • Video Podcast - Estee Rivera

    Brett Wilson talks with Estee Rivera from the Rocky Mountain Conservancy. Estee Rivera is the Executive Director of the Rocky Mountain Conservancy. Estee Rivera Murdock hails from Washington, D.C., where she worked for the National Park Service (NPS) for more than eight years. Estee manages th...

  • Video Podcast - Wolves

    Brett talks with ecologist and wildlife expert, Delia Malone, who is a passionate advocate for wolves and their future here in Colorado and the rest of the world.

  • Planning the Perfect Mountain Getaway Part 2

  • Planning the Perfect Mountain Getaway Part 1

    Brett Wilson provides useful insight for how to make the most out of your trip to Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park. Whether you're staying for a day or a month, lodging is one thing you'll need to plan ahead. From the budget conscious, to generationally diverse, to the backcountry camp...

  • Video Podcast - Nick Molle and Nature of the Beasts

    Over the past several years, Rocky Mountain National Park has experienced an unprecedented surge in visitation as millions of travelers explore our national parks. The impact is stressing the park infrastructure and ecosystem, as well as the nearby community. A WALK IN THE PARK WITH NICK MOLLÉ: N...

  • “Lions, Coyotes and Bears, Oh My!”

  • Joy of Fishing

    Host, Brett Wilson, takes a trip to Kirk's Fly Shop where he interviews Estes Park local and owner Kirk Bien. Kirk shares his love for fishing and gives an introduction for basic fly fishing equipment and terminology. He gives tips on where to fish in and around Estes and offers advice for those ...

  • The Top Ten Things to Do in Estes Park