Music in the Rockies

Music in the Rockies

Stream exclusive live performances from some of the best musicians and bands in the Rockies!

Music in the Rockies
  • Chain Station - Live at the 2021 Friends of Folk Festival

    Chain Station's music is well-steeped in Americana roots, with vocal harmonies that are high, lonesome, and tight. Their picking ranges from lightning-fast to mountain mellow. They are a bluegrass band that would satisfy a picky old-timer and delight fans of newgrass, a delicate balance indeed.


  • Gasoline Lollipops - Live at the 2021 Friends of Folk Festival

    You don't want to miss this amazing live performance! Gasoline Lollipops stitch scraps of American roots music to patches of their own tattered hearts to form an all-new tapestry of bleeding rock n’ roll.

    Friends of Folk Festival celebrates Dick Orleans’ legacy with music and community. All pr...

  • 2020 Snowygrass Music Festival

    Watch performances from the 2020 Bluegrass and Americana Festival in Estes Park! Featuring performances from Jeremy Garrett, Blue Canyon Boys, TAARKA, Chain Station, Jackson Earles, High Road Home, Hunker Down and Dahlby and Nadine.

  • 2020 Friends of Folk Festival

    Enjoy over two hours of music performances from the 2020 Friends of Folk Festival in Estes Park. Performances by Jon Pickett, Jeremy Garrett, Craig Allen and more.

  • 2018 SnowyGrass Bluegrass Festival

    Here's a short highlight video showing all of the great bluegrass music and fun that you might have missed at the Estes Park SnowyGrass Festival!

  • 2019 SnowyGrass Music Festival

    Estes Parks very own bluegrass festival down by the river! Here's a short highlight film showing all of the great bluegrass music and fun that you might have missed at the 2019 SnowyGrass Music Festival in Estes Park. Enjoy!

  • Nick Mollé & Friends - Live At Performance Park

  • Upstream Mountain Songwriting Retreat

    “Songwriting happens with inspiration and intention, along with time and space.” Here’s a short video we made about the 2020 Upstream Mountain Songwriting Retreat in Estes Park featuring an interview with musician and founder, Nadine Sekerez, as well as music from Clay Rose of the Gasoline Lolli...

  • Brad Fitch - 2021 Estes Park Duck Race

    Cowboy Brad Fitch performs five of his songs on the Estes Park Riverwalk for the 2021 Virtual Duck Race!

  • Aaron LaCombe and Steve Tice - Live in Estes Park

  • Aaron LaCombe - Uncle Carl

    Austin based singer/songwriter Aaron LaCombe presents a country music video for the Holidays, about a man coming out to his family at Christmas dinner.

  • Brad Fitch - Timberline Songs

    A live performance from Cowboy Brad Fitch, filmed at the 2019 Autumn Gold Festival in Estes Park.

  • Erik Oftedahl & Carter Sampson

    Estes Performs presents L4 House Shows featuring Oklahoma based singer/songwriters Carter Sampson and Erik Oftedahl, live in a house somewhere in Estes Park, Colorado.

  • Cody Bryan Band - Lonely Road

    A live performance from the Austin, TX based Cody Bryan Band, filmed at the 2019 Autumn Gold Festival in Estes Park.

  • Estes Park Jazz Fest

    Enjoy this performance of Mercy, Mercy, Mercy by the Estes Park Jazz Big Band at the Annual Jazz Fest in Performance Park.

  • The Elktones - Love Scene

    Here is the late Dick Orleans and the Elktones performing Love Scene at a concert in 2000 that Nick filmed for EPTV.

  • Nature of the Beast - Estes Park Summer Concert Series

    Nick had the privilege of playing music with his friend Brett Wilson and friends On July 19, 2018 as they presented their song Nature of the Beast which is featured in their documentary of the same name.

  • The Elktones - Small Town

    Performance of the song Small Town

  • Wendy Woo Band

    A live performance of two songs from Colorado based Wendy Woo Band, filmed at the 2019 Autumn Gold Festival in Estes Park.