• Elk Sparring in the Snow

    Two young bull elk spar in the snow while an older bull watches.
    Even as late as February some bull elk can be seen sparring or playing around to help them practice and grow for the next rutting season.

  • Loch Vale Winter Wonderland

    Take a moment to enjoy the spectacular winter scenery of The Loch in Rocky Mountain National Park.

  • Mills Lake Winter Wonderland

    Relax and enjoy a stunningly beautiful winter hike to Mills Lake, named after the father of Rocky, Enos Mills.

  • Estes Park White Christmas

    Take a moment to enjoy this video of our beautiful White Christmas Eve here in Estes Park!

    We want to wish all of you a Very Merry Christmas from Nick Mollé and the Rocky Mountain Channel!

  • 2023 Tree Lighting Ceremony

    Estes Park kicked off the holiday season in Estes Park on November 18, 2023 with their Annual Lighting Ceremony in their new location in Bond Park. Check out our highlight video of the event!

  • Winter in Estes Park

  • This is Estes Park - with Amber Browning-Coyle Ep. 4

    In this episode TV Producer and Host, Amber Browning-Coyle, will take you on an amazing winter adventure throughout Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park including snowshoeing, cross country skiing, sledding, shopping, dining and more!

  • 2022 Tree Lighting Ceremony

    Check out our highlight video of Saturday night's dazzling Estes Park Tree Lighting Ceremony! Watch until the end to see what special guests showed up later that night to see the lights.

  • Snowshoeing in Rocky Mountain National Park

  • Snowpack in the Rockies

    Snowpack in the Rockies is something we’ve been measuring since the days of the great Enos Mills. In this clip from film, ‘Nature of the Beasts’, Nick goes to Niwot Ridge (just south of Rocky Mountain National Park), home to one of the country’s major snow monitoring areas.

  • May Snow Day

    Relax and enjoy this beautiful short video of our late May snow storm in Estes Park on May 21, 2022. Watch Elk with snow on their faces, hummingbirds looking for food among the snow covered vegetation and a bluebird fighting with a robin all set against the backdrop of a picturesque spring snowy ...

  • 2019 Whiskey Warm Up

    Whiskey Warm 2019 brought whiskey vendors from across the state to Estes Park for a day to celebrate all things whiskey. Complete with live performers, this video gives you just a taste of all the fun this annual event has to offer.

  • 2022 Whiskey Warm Up

    Whiskey in the Beautiful Snowy Rocky Mountains. What more can you ask for!

    Whiskey Warm Up returned in 2022 to celebrate homegrown whiskey distilleries. Attendees sipped and sampled the finest selections of Colorado whiskeys while braving the cold and snowy weather. This video captures all...

  • Winter Fun in Estes Park

  • Winter Fun in Estes Park

  • Visit Estes Park -Winter Couple

  • Visit Estes Park - Winter Family

  • Nymph, Dream and Emerald Lakes

    Roundtrip Length: 3.6 miles Difficulty: Moderate
    Start-End Elevation - 9,475' - 9,705' (Nymph): 9,912' (Dream): 10,090' (Emerald)

    Emerald Lake is by far one of the most popular hikes in Rocky in any season. Famous for the lily pads of summer, Nymph is the first of three classic lakes. Second...

  • Base Camp - Winter Hike Essentials

    Winter hiking is one of the most unique and rewarding ways to enjoy the Rocky Mountains. However, in order to have a pleasant experience, you need to wear the right clothing and carry the right gear. In our first episode of Base Camp, Colleen Couch breaks down the essential clothing and gear that...

  • Know Before You Go

    Nick Mollé wants you to be safe and know before you go.

    Stay back from the pack! Find a less visited trailhead or destination, try mid-week and definitely check out winter, spring or fall.

    Plan ahead and protect yourself, others, and the environment and you will Enjoy your visit.

  • Gem Lake

    Roundtrip Length: 4 mi Difficulty: Moderate

    We are so lucky to have Gem Lake so close to town. I often joke that this short steep jaunt up to this lake has a difficulty level that is relative because if you just came from sea-level, it is relatively difficult. It is also relative because thi...

  • Aaron LaCombe - Uncle Carl

    Austin based singer/songwriter Aaron LaCombe presents a country music video for the Holidays, about a man coming out to his family at Christmas dinner.

  • Elk Jam Before the Snow

    A large herd of elk crossed the street this morning in Estes Park on Nov. 17, 2022 before a large snowstorm moved in