Wild Notes

Wild Notes

Wild Notes
  • Wild Notes - Moose Twins

    Filmmaker, Sean Doherty, shares this remarkable story of two adorable moose twins and their close call with death.

  • Wild Notes - Elk Safety

    We made this important video in order to remind everyone to be safe and respect these majestic animals.

  • Rocky Mountain Elk

    Enjoy over thirty minutes of clips and educational shorts featuring this majestic animal. Elk are among the largest and most abundant wild animals in Estes Park & Rocky Mountain National Park. Every year Estes & Rocky are treated to one of the great events in nature, the elk rut!

  • Wild Notes - The Moose of the Kawuneeche

    Nick Molle presents the moose of the Kawuneeche Valley in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado.

  • NPS Behind the Scenes: Bears

    In this episode of "Behind the Scenes," Cheri Yost from Rocky Mountain National Park provides educational information about bears and tips on how to recreate responsibly in Rocky for the safety of bears and people.

  • Snakes in Rocky

    This short video explores the wetlands of Rocky and some of the interesting creatures that live there including garter snakes.

  • Wild Notes - Sheep

    In this episode of Wild Notes, Nick captures footage of Big Horn Sheep in Rocky Mountain National Park and gives tips on where and when to find them butting heads.

  • Beavers

    In this video, Nick explains the essential function Beavers play in the riparian life zones of Rocky Mountain National Park and the effect that fur traders had on the Beaver populations and in turn Eastern cities.

  • Wild Notes - Pronghorn Antelope

    In this episode of Wild Notes, Nick gives an introduction to the amazing Pronghorn Antelope and suggestions for where to find them in Colorado.

  • Video Podcast - Wolves

    Brett talks with ecologist and wildlife expert, Delia Malone, who is a passionate advocate for wolves and their future here in Colorado and the rest of the world.

  • “Lions, Coyotes and Bears, Oh My!”

  • Coyote Pups

    One of Nick's earliest films about Coyote Pups in Rocky Mountain National Park.

  • Footprints on the Rockies

    Rocky Mountain National Park and Estes Park are blessed with a display of wildlife that dazzles the minds of all who visit. This video contains a cross section of some of the park's most enchanting creatures captured on tape by award- winning videographer Nick Molle.
    Witness the elk, bighorn, mo...

  • Birds Without Borders

    Birds Without Borders examines the habits of four species of small birds while exploring the newly discovered relationship between Rocky Mountain National Park and the national parks and preserves of Costa Rica. Over one hundred and fifty species of birds share these ecosystems. Fifty of them nes...