Our Town. Unfiltered

Our Town. Unfiltered

5 Episodes

In this series of human interest stories, journalist Claire Mollé has set out to tell stories about the lives of people in Estes Park which may never otherwise be heard. Along with filmmaker, Séan Doherty, Mollé searches for people who are contributing something special to our community. Her goal is to bridge gaps between people by increasing our mutual understanding of one another. In these three episodes, you will explore the lives of foreign exchange students, Vietnam veterans, and local artists working every day to make it in such a challenging industry. Estes Park often gets buried in its own tourism industry, and Mollé believes it is crucial that we take the time to step aside and remember that this is a community where real people with real struggles live their lives.

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Our Town. Unfiltered
  • Our Town. Unfiltered. J-1 Visa Students

    Episode 1

    Hosted by local journalist, Claire Mollé, the first episode examines Estes Park’s growing international summer workforce who are comprised of students who come here on the J-1 Visa Program. Two of the J-1 Visa students talk about their experiences and the challenges they faced while working in a ...

  • Our Town. Unfiltered - American Legion Post 119

    The second episode of "Our Town. Unfiltered." investigates the key purposes of the American Legion in Estes Park. It features American Legion Commander, Terry Rizzuti, as he describes his experience as a Marine in the Vietnam War, and why the American Legion is such an important organization. T...

  • Our Town. Unfiltered. - Artists in Estes Park

    Episode 3

    This news documentary features several of Estes Park’s local artists while highlighting the culture of local art.The show is produced by Claire Mollé and Séan Doherty in conjunction with Nick Mollé Productions.

    Producer and host, Claire Mollé, has set out to tell real stories about life and cu...

  • Our Town. Unfiltered. - Jean Muenchrath

    Episode 4

    "Our Town. Unfiltered. - Jean Muenchrath" features Estes Park, Colorado's very own Jean Muenchrath, whose insurmountable bravery in a near-death experience on Mount Whitney, has made her a local legend in the community. Producer and host, Claire Mollé, has set out to tell real stories about life ...

  • Our Town. Unfiltered. - Darla Sidles (Bonus Interview)

    Claire Mollé talks with Darla Sidles about what it’s like being the first female superintendent of Rocky Mountain National Park and the challenges she currently faces managing the third most visited National Park in the United States.