Now You Know with Nick Mollé

Now You Know with Nick Mollé

7 Episodes

Estes Park is full of fascinating history!
The Rocky Mountain Channel and Visit Estes Park have teamed up for a new series called, "Now You Know," bringing you short stories about our beloved community that you may not have known!

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Now You Know with Nick Mollé
  • Now You Know - The early days of Estes Park

    This is the first in a series of “Now You Know” short videos we are producing for Visit Estes Park to focus on tidbits of information about the history, culture, and natural environment we share.
    This month, our host, Nick Mollé, discusses the early days of Estes Park and how it contributed to th...

  • Now You Know - What's a Park?

    Episode 2

    What’s a Park? Rocky Mountain National Park, Moraine Park, South
    Park, and Estes Park! Nick is here to explain it all.

  • Now You Know - History of Elk

    Episode 3

    In this episode, Nick tells us an interesting history of our beloved resident elk.

  • Now You Know - Big Thompson Project

    Episode 4

    In our fourth episode, Nick tells the compelling story of the distribution of our waterways, leading to that impressive plume of water you can see jutting out over Mary's Lake!

  • Now You Know - Isabella Bird

    Episode 5

    Nick tells us the story about the adventuresome world traveler Isabella Bird and her bold quest to climb Longs Peak with a not so proper mountain.

  • Now You Know - Velvet Antlers

    Episode 6

    What's with that velvet on the bull elk's antlers? Nick Mollé is here to answer that question and more in this episode of Now You Know.

  • Now You Know - Birch Ruins

    Episode 7

    Nick tells the story about the ruins perched atop the Knoll overlooking the town.