Mountain Relaxation

  • Bald Eagles

    Take a moment to watch this footage of these majestic bald eagles that have taken up residence in Estes Park. These amazing raptors have made a remarkable comeback after the prohibition of DDT pesticides which inhibited their ability to produce healthy eggs.

  • Mills Lake Winter Wonderland

    Relax and enjoy a stunningly beautiful winter hike to Mills Lake, named after the father of Rocky, Enos Mills.

  • Loch Vale Winter Wonderland

    Take a moment to enjoy the spectacular winter scenery of The Loch in Rocky Mountain National Park.

  • Sprague Lake Sunrise

    Relax and de-stress with this one hour video of a beautiful sunrise at Sprague Lake. Read a book, cook your dinner, or simply enjoy a moment of peace in this beautiful natural environment. Listen to the sounds of birds chirping, water flowing, and ducks flying all with the backdrop of the formida...

  • Loch Vale Sunrise

    Relax and de-stress with this one-hour static video of a beautiful November morning at The Loch all set to calming music. Watch as the sun slowly paints Taylor Peak and Glacier while other hikers and climbers walk across the frozen lake.

  • May Snow Day

    Relax and enjoy this beautiful short video of our late May snow storm in Estes Park on May 21, 2022. Watch Elk with snow on their faces, hummingbirds looking for food among the snow covered vegetation and a bluebird fighting with a robin all set against the backdrop of a picturesque spring snowy ...

  • Flying Over Colorado

    Soar over Estes Park, Peak to Peak Highway and the Colorado River in this breathtaking drone video filmed in pristine 4k resolution and set to relaxing music and nature sounds.

  • Moose and Calf at Sprague Lake

    Relax and enjoy this video of a moose and calf at Sprague Lake one evening.