• Restoring a Fragile Ecosystem

    A dedicated team of employees from the Vegetation Crew in Rocky Mountain National Park are tasked with restoring a social trail on the fragile alpine tundra. Along the way, Lead Biological Technician Michelle Gibbons, shares her passion and knowledge of the many fascinating tundra plants and gra...

  • Living With Fire

    Learn about how we can all live with wildfire and how to do your part to help reduce the risk of a catastrophic wildfire in the Estes Valley.

    Estes Valley is home to several thousand full- and part-time residents, and a vacation destination for over five million visitors a year. With its pris...

  • Elk Rut in Estes Park

    Take a moment to enjoy this elk rut footage from around Estes Park.

  • We found a Black Bear in Rocky

    Stop what you're doing and watch this black bear eating berries and getting ready for hibernation in Rocky Mountain National Park. During the fall bears need 20,000 calories a day to gain enough fat to survive the winter without eating or drinking.

  • NPS Behind the Scenes: Soundscapes

    In this segment of Behind the Scenes, we will be taking a brief look at two projects, one focused on frogs and one on elk.
    As different as these topics seem, they have something in common: they both involve studying sound. The science of sound is called acoustics. It’s a relatively new and fasci...

  • NPS Behind the Scenes: Elk & Vegetation

    This video was part of a series titled "The Science Behinds The Scenes" and focused on Rocky's approach to managing elk and vegetation. Hosted By Judy Visty

  • Biodiversity & RMNP with Edward O. Wilson

    Ben Bobowski, PHD, National Park Service, interviews World-Renowned Scientist, Edward O. Wilson about himself, biodiversity and the future of all living organisms.

  • Climate Change in Rocky

    Scott Denning is a climate scientist and professor of atmospheric science. In this clip from our film, 'Nature of the Beasts', Nick talks with Scott about the impact of climate change in Rocky Mountain National Park.
    Animation by - Timothy Buck

  • NPS Behind the Scenes: Air Quality

    Biologist Karl Cordova talks about how the Park Service manages air quality in Rocky Mountain National Park.

  • NPS Behind the Scenes: The Mountain Pine Beetle

    In this episode of Behind the Scenes at Rocky Mountain National Park, Michael Edwards talks about the Mountain Pine Beetle problem.

    (From the National Park Service) Bark beetles are native insects that have shaped the forests of North America for thousands of years. Bark beetles range from Ca...

  • Video Podcast - Inside The Two Largest Wildfires in Colorado History

    How do you manage a wildfire that’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before? In 2020 when the two largest wildfires in Colorado history surrounded the town of Estes Park, Rocky Mountain National Park’s Fire Management Officer, Mike Lewelling, relied on twenty years of planning and fire treatments i...

  • Snowpack in the Rockies

    Snowpack in the Rockies is something we’ve been measuring since the days of the great Enos Mills. In this clip from film, ‘Nature of the Beasts’, Nick goes to Niwot Ridge (just south of Rocky Mountain National Park), home to one of the country’s major snow monitoring areas.