A Walk in the Park

A Walk in the Park

9 Episodes

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A Walk in the Park
  • Estes Park & Rocky Mountain National Park

    Episode 1

    Estes Park, Colorado, gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park, is located in one of the most scenic settings imaginable. The unique symbiosis between this fascinating village and the breathtaking beauty that surrounds it provides visitors with an incomparable vacation experience. Let this nationa...

  • Footprints on the Rockies

    Episode 2

    Rocky Mountain National Park and Estes Park are blessed with a display of wildlife that dazzles the minds of all who visit. This video contains a cross section of some of the park's most enchanting creatures captured on tape by award- winning videographer Nick Molle.
    Witness the elk, bighorn, mo...

  • Climb Longs Peak!

    Episode 3

    It stands as the highest peak in Rocky Mountain National Park. At over fourteen thousand incredible feet, Longs Peak is an exceptional challenge. From the television series, A Walk in the Park, comes the ascent of a lifetime. Join Nick Molle, guide Lisa Foster, and mountaineer Jim Detterlin, Ph....

  • Bear Lake to Grand Lake

    Episode 4

    Experience the thrill of hiking up and over the majestic Continental Divide! Join your hosts Nick Molle and Lisa Foster in this exciting backpacking adventure that begins at Bear Lake on the east side of Rocky Mountain National Park and takes you over the mountains to Grand Lake on the West side.

  • Real Rocky

    Episode 5

    This is the most in-depth video available on Rocky Mountain National Park.
    ​Nick Molle and his crew live in Estes Park and have dedicated several years to this production. Enjoy stunning scenery at every turn as you enter the world of the Real Rocky - from a breathtaking drive over Trail Ridge R...

  • Rivers of the Rockies

    Episode 6

    Rivers of the Rockies explores the rivers of the northern Colorado Rocky Mountains including the mighty Colorado River and the life it supports in Rocky Mountain National Park. Tracing the source of our streams, Rivers takes us to some of the most beautiful and inspirational destinations from the...

  • Birds Without Borders

    Episode 7

    Birds Without Borders examines the habits of four species of small birds while exploring the newly discovered relationship between Rocky Mountain National Park and the national parks and preserves of Costa Rica. Over one hundred and fifty species of birds share these ecosystems. Fifty of them nes...

  • The Living Dream - The Story of Rocky Mountain National Park

    Episode 8

    The history of Rocky Mountain National Park is told with the help of historians, historical photographs and never before seen movie footage. It begins with the Native American and Mountain Man eras through the pioneers. It continues through the 20th Century and into modern times. A group of indiv...

  • Nature of the Beasts

    Episode 9

    Over the past several years, Rocky Mountain National Park has experienced an unprecedented surge in visitation as millions of travelers explore our national parks. The impact is stressing the park infrastructure and ecosystem, as well as the nearby community. A WALK IN THE PARK WITH NICK MOLLÉ: N...