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Hiking is our identity for us here at the channel and the entirety of the communities surrounding Rocky Mountain National Park and our National Forests. Some hike long, some short, and some do what they can as long as they can. Whatever your speed, we love these mountains and the creatures that share the precious environment. Hiking is described here in ultra-scenic short videos meant to entice, encourage and educate. See it all through the magic lenses of cinematographer Sean Doherty.

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  • Black & Blue Lakes

    The Glacier Gorge trailhead is one of the most popular places in Rocky Mountain National Park. One way to shed the crowds is to find your way to Black Lake and on to Blue Lake. This virtual hiking video guides you all the way up to both lakes.

  • Twin Sisters

    Twin Sisters has the distinctive position among our hikes of being a great lookout to see the cities in the valley to the east and enjoy an exceptional view of the high peaks to the west.