27 Episodes

Hiking is our identity for us here at the channel and the entirety of the communities surrounding Rocky Mountain National Park and our National Forests. Some hike long, some short, and some do what they can as long as they can. Whatever your speed, we love these mountains and the creatures that share the precious environment. Hiking is described here in ultra-scenic short videos meant to entice, encourage and educate. See it all through the magic lenses of cinematographer Sean Doherty.

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  • Bierstadt Lake

    Episode 1

    Hike with us to Bierstadt Lake!

  • Black Lake

    Episode 2

  • Bridal Veil Falls

    Episode 3

    Hike with us to Bridal Veil Falls!

  • Chasm Falls

    Episode 4

    Early one morning we drove up Old Fall River Road to do some filming. Here are a few shots of Chasm Falls and the Alpine Tundra. It was a beautiful morning.

  • Chasm Lake

    Episode 5

    Hike with us to Chasm Lake!

  • Crosier Mountain Trail

    Episode 6

    Hike the Crosier Mountain Trail with us!

  • Deer Mountain Trail

    Episode 7

    We shot this footage on Deer Mountain Trail in Rocky Mountain National Park. The views were spectacular!

  • Fall Colors

    Episode 8

    One of the most beautiful times to visit Rocky is during the Fall Colors in September and October. Here's a short film showcasing the breathtaking scenery you will witness.

  • Fern Lake & Odessa Lake

    Episode 9

    Join us on a virtual hike to Fern Lake and Odessa Lake with narration by Nick Molle.

  • Flattop Mountain

    Episode 10

    Experience the beautiful hike to Flattop Mountain in Rocky Mountain National Park!

  • Gem Lake

    Episode 11

    We often joke that this short steep jaunt up to this lake has a difficulty level that is relative because if you just came from sea-level, it is relatively difficult but fun with beautiful views along the way.

  • Hollowell Park to Cub Lake

    Episode 12

    There’s good news and not so good news concerning this hike. The not so good being that this area is closed following the fires of 2020 while still recovering from the fires of 2013. The good being that it will open again, and finding my way to Cub Lake from Hollowell Park is one of my favorite s...

  • Lake Helene

    Episode 13

    Join us on a virtual hike to the scenic alpine Lake Helene!

  • Lawn Lake & Crystal Lakes

    Episode 14

    The stunning shores of Lawn and Crystal Lakes are well worth the effort of this pleasantly long trek.

  • Lily Lake

    Episode 15

    Take a break from your day and enjoy the sights and sounds that we captured at Lily Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park.

  • Lily Mountain

    Episode 16

    Enjoy this hike up Lily Mountain in Roosevelt National Forest!

  • Lion Gulch Trail

    Episode 17

    Take a step back in time on this moderate rated hike on Lion Gulch Trail to Historic Homestead Meadows where you'll see the ruins of homestead cabins that were established between 1889 and 1923. This is a great history filled hike for the whole family, and don't miss the beautiful wildflowers dur...

  • Lookout Mountain

    Episode 18

    The hike to Lookout Mountain is a steep climb, but the views from the top are nothing short of spectacular! Mount Meeker, Twin Sisters and Longs Peak (among others) can all be viewed from Lookout Mountain.

  • Mills Lake

    Episode 19

    Take a hike to Mills Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park!

  • Odessa Lake

    Episode 20

  • Ouzel Lake Hike

    Episode 21

    Hike with us to Ouzel Lake!

  • Sandbeach Lake

    Episode 22

    Sandbeach Lake reminds us of one of those beautiful lake beaches where you can lay out on a towel, go for a swim or take a stroll on a spacious sandy beach. The only difference is that this lake is at 10,283 feet in elevation and is surrounded by gorgeous views of Mount Copeland and St. Vrain Mo...

  • Snowshoe in Rocky

    Episode 23

    Join adventure filmmaker Nick Molle as he showcases some of the best snowshoeing trails in Rocky Mountain National Park!

  • Sprague Lake

    Episode 24

    Enjoy a short walk around Sprague Lake in Rocky!